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Supervisor Manager

Shoreside Operations


Professional and confident supervisor with an incredibly strong work ethic. Dedicated and dependable problem solver who continually thinks and performs outside of the box. His resourceful and enthusiastic leadership clearly supports the team concept all while demanding that all team members perform under a results oriented umbrella. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Solid business development understanding and experience, technical expertise, and natural ability to articulate project requirements at all levels. Collaborates with diverse groups to pull together proficient and productive efforts toward overarching organizational objectives, resulting in new and innovative performance and measurable cost savings. Experienced client communicator, with quick analysis ability to resolve problems and provide sound solutions.

Consummate team player who never hesitates to take on the more difficult tasks even if they are not directly assigned to him.




Senior Consultant

VSD, LLC as a Senior Consultant - Acting liaison between BAH (Booz Allen Hamilton) and VSD in regards to HM&E development and progression on the EN FMC 2098 project.

Developed Special Purpose Tech Manuals (SPTM) for the Egyptian Navy to establish a framework for shipboard training, maintenance & operations

Subject Matter Expert (SME) responsible for the review and processing of all vendor recommended spares, Special Tools and Test Equipment and OEM technical documents.

SME responsible for research and QA tech edit as well as drafting and development of ship class specific drawings, prints and technical manuals. Liaised with numerous OEM’s to clarify tech manual discrepancies, maintenance periodicities, maintenance abilities and repair part/tool availability. By utilizing this review process we were able to save the US government over 5 million dollars.

Accountable to the client for the judicious expenditure of funds to support maintenance and repair of four Fast Missile Craft (FMC).

Directly involved with the on hands training and orientation of over 200 foreign navy nationals as they assumed possession of various types of naval platforms.


United States Navy

, Command Master Chief Petty Officer

Machinist's Mate (1982-2009)

Engineering propulsion plant manager, supervisor, inspector, operator, watch stander and maintenance man. These duties mostly involved the continuous operation of the main propulsion turbine engines and turbo-generators, steam boilers, reduction gears, air ejectors, purifiers, various pumps, desalinization plants, refrigeration plants, air-conditioning units, waste recovery systems and numerous other types of machinery both afloat and ashore.

Command Master Chief - responsible for formulating and implementing policies concerning morale, welfare, job satisfaction, discipline, utilization and training of command personnel. This position enabled me the flexibility to stimulate free-flowing communications and ensure that the highest standards of professionalism were upheld at all levels within the chain of command

Fleet Inspector - member of Fleet wide inspection team inspecting propulsion and auxiliary plants, at sea and ashore, around the world.

Repair Officer - Directly responsible for all facets of Repair Department operations and every day personnel issues.


St. Leo University - St. Leo, FL

B.S. in Business Management (2009)

Maintenance Management

Instructs students on maintaining equipment within specifications, through preventive maintenance, safety, risk management, maintenance fundamentals, and corrective maintenance.

Leadership Principles

Prepares students how to better fulfill their expanded leadership and management responsibilities and to strengthen their commitment to professional excellence and mission accomplishment.

International Professional Leadership

Enhances the leadership capabilities and professional development of international students. Core educational subjects such as leadership, personality profiling, instructor training, computer skills, physical training, time management, and subordinate mentorship and counseling are addressed in detail.

Engine/Generator and ancillaries Operation, Maintenance and Repair

Familiarizes students on design, construction, theory, operation and maintenance of main propulsion engines, ships service turbo generators and auxiliary/ancillary systems.

Professional Training

Shipyard Supervisor Training

 Senior Propulsion Engineering Course (student and Instructor)

 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Managers/Supervisors Training

 Quality Assurance Inspector Course

 Navy Leader Development Program

 Education Organization, Student Affairs/Administration, Discipline, and Student Counseling Course

 Instructional Strategies and Evaluation Course

 Industrial Management and Psychology Education and Training


CPR, Stress management, Personnel management, Communication, Capable problem solver, Detail oriented, Budget planning, Resource management, Windows proficiency, Logistics, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Leadership, First aid, 35+ years training and dealing with daily operations of foreign military members.


Active Secret

Pensacola, Florida,
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