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Stratford University

Master’s in Business Administration                                                                               Dec 2015

The Art Institute of Virginia Beach                              

Bachelor of Science Degree – Culinary Arts Management                                                        March 2014

       – ServSafe Certification- December 2011

  • American Culinary Federation Certified Culinarian- September 2015

United States Navy

   – Galley Watch Captain Advanced Training (“C”) School – Sanitation Instructor Qualification

   – Food Safety Manager-Supervisor Course                               – Work Center Supervisor Leadership Course

   – Nutrition Course                                                                   – Food Safety and Food Service Sanitation

   – Adv. Culinary Techniques/Management Specialist (NEC)        – Prime Vendor Course 

   – Navy Personnel Qualifications: (Work Center Supervisor, Vegetable Cook, Garde Manger, Breakfast

     Cook, Steward, Subsistence Custodian, Supply Program Administrator, Department Supervisor, Divisional

     Safety Officer, Quality Assurance Craftsman)


– Budgeted the planning, menu planning, theme creation, décor, menu costing, food pricing, ticket pricing,

  and gaining profit from a $400 budget (included cost of food/decorations).  Event was for 300+ people


Chef Instructor

Armed Forces Services Corporation (Naval Station Norfolk Base Galley)

Galley Watch Captain Class                                                                                                  Apr. 2015 to Dec. 2015

    Provides competency-based education which aligns with the CSS model of curricula as well as supports the   CSS style of system delivery.  Have strong technical skills in classical and contemporary cuisine, and promote a positive and interactive learning environment with academic lectures and hands-on learning to culinary students. Able to relate to students and faculty in a team-oriented setting, promoting culinary activities and events.
 Responsibilities include: preparing and presenting lectures and developing course outlines and curriculum; evaluating student progress and facilitating student achievement; preparing additional study materials for learners; providing ongoing support, guidance, and advice to learners; participating in curriculum and program reviews; and liaising with relevant industry sectors. Responsibilities also include evaluation and grading, maintenance and supervision of the classroom/kitchen, administering written and practical tests, and creating a positive learning environment.


Line Cook

Aramark (Old Dominion University), Norfolk, VA                                                                                                                                              Aug. 2012 to Apr. 2014

Set up and stock stations with all necessary supplies.  Prepare food for service (e.g. chopping vegetables, butchering meat, or preparing sauces).  Cook menu items in cooperation with the rest of the kitchen staff.

Answer, report and follow executive or sous chef’s instructions.  Clean up station and take care of leftover food.  Stock inventory appropriately.  Ensure that food comes out simultaneously, in high quality and in a timely fashion.  Comply with nutrition and sanitation regulations and safety standards.  Maintain a positive and professional approach with coworkers and customers.

Kitchen Supervisor

Whiskey Kitchen, Virginia Beach, VA                                                                                   Apr. 2014 to Present

Implement control on quality along with consistency of every eatable item served. Develop and adapt work

schedule as per prevailing work pressure and occupancy.  Involve in ordering and receiving ingredients

required in kitchen.  Implement departmental line-ups regularly as routine.  Control, maintain and manage kitchen inventory and food supplies.  Ensure all ingredients for preparing food are in right supply on time.

Support and facilitate control on food cost.  Convey clearly any maintenance of kitchen equipment’s and other security problems.  Prepare on time and tasty 3 meals everyday having items from approved menu.

Utilize service of direct preparation or supervision of some other cook helpers as required.  Develop and maintain professional relations with vendor.  Gather data, compile, review and submit essential reports.  Inspect and ensure best functioning of all kitchen equipment is as per given manufacturer’s instructions.  Supervision other cooks and helpers directly including to schedule and ensure adequate coverage of cooks for meal preparation.  Develop and supervise preparation of specialized menus for customer events.

United States Navy - Culinary Specialist 1st Class (E-6),  17 Years Distinguished Service                                                                                                                                                                

 Bulk Storeroom Custodian (Jack of the Dust)                                                            Dec. 1998 to Oct. 2011

  • Compiled and maintained all supporting food service records, ordered, tracked and issued

  hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of provisions in three storerooms

– Coordinated all subsistence requirements, receipts, stowage and breakouts, achieved inventory

validity rate in excess of 98.9.

  • Handled the receipt, issue, storage, and inventory validity for over 850 line items of food service

supply totaling over $12.5 million annually, supervised two personnel and hundreds of temporarily

assigned assistants handling working party details for the in-processing of thousands of pallets of

foodstuffs and supplies, directly responsible for the Supply Division achieving and sustaining a

100% inventory validity rate during several supply management inspection cycles, and served as

Primary Pier Quality Assurance Inspector for deliveries, ensuring sound accountability and quality of

food items and the safe operation of cranes.

Galley Supervisor - Food service operation

– Planned, oversaw and ensured the quality of the preparation and service of 900 meals daily for 285

crewman onboard a Navy Destroyer, trained, scheduled, motivated, supervised and evaluated 18 Food Service   Personnel

– Ensured effective preparation and delivery of 1200+ quality, nutritious meals daily and cleanliness

  and sanitation of all related spaces, supervised 20 military and civilian contract Food Services

  personnel, essential to the base receiving near perfect scores in meal quality, customer service, and

  sanitation that were key in JEB Little Creek Galley being awarded the Captain Edward F. Ney

  Memorial Award for Food Service Excellence, and subsequently achieved “Five Star” accreditation

  for Food Service Excellence 

– Served as one-on-one mentor to four junior personnel, initially employed as a Line Cook and

  rapidly promoted to supervisory roles, noted by superior evaluators for implementing streamlined

  food preparation and serving techniques  

– Directly accountable for all food items prepared for crew with strict adherence to recipe

  conversions and portion control, provided training and leadership for 8 food service personnel

  which served over 100,000 meals during tenure, and initially assigned as Wardroom Supervisor,

  responsible for the preparation, presentation and service of all Wardroom hospitality services   

  (hotel and food service) .

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