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Project Engineering / Project Management

Good day Madam/ Sir
Holistic Leadership, Innovative solutions and convincing performance are my Key values. I have a passion towards my job.

I intend to join a Good concern where I can Propel the company to new heights ensuring MUTUAL growth.

I believe in happy ships and happy crews..

Navigation/ Management : My Profession

Engineering : My Passion


I have been a chief officer since 2006 right upto 2012- on product, Product chemical and parcel chemical tankers.

Thereafter I have been in command of Product  Chemical tankers ( About 7 months) and Chemical Tankers- (about 6 months).

I have in addition handled ship building and ship repair at various stages of my career.

Proficient in chemical/ LPG/ Ethylene/ Product and Crude Oil trades in tankers.

Operators/ Charterers:

Stena/ Maersk/ Odfjell/ Eitzen/ Glenda/ IMC Sunships/ Cepsa/ Chevron/ BP/ Statoil/ Indianoil/ HP/ BP/ Exmar

fully proficient in various safety systems ( I have worked with renowned companies like STENA (Sweden).

Pumping Systems:
 Have operated and maintained Hydraulic (FRAMO), Electric ( Svaenehoj/ Marflex), Turbine driven and Electric driven Centrifugal pumps, Engine driven Screw pumps.

Coatings: I have experience with Stainless steel, Epoxies, Marine line, Rubber linings, Zinc on chemical tankers

CDI/ Vettings:
 I have been instrumental in passing Many CDI inspections  and Vetting inspections with Oil Majors- Chevron/ Texaco/ exxonmobil/ Cepsa/ Petronas/ shell etc to name a few).

Building/ Shop Trials/Commissioning/ Sea trials: 
I have been involved with newbuilding where my responsibilities included Negotiations at various Stages with Shipyards, Selection of Machinery (optimised for vessels), Shop Testing, Systems testing (Blocks/ Painting system to PSPC Standards / Piping), commissioning and testing, sea Trials and retrials if required.

Leading a team of professionals to achieve Rewarding Goals, Needless to say that I have ample technical know how for above jobs.

Sourcing of Spares and Replacement Parts was also one of my responsibilities.

Anticipate a good association and a positive response.
Thank You.

Best Regards,

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