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Engineer  / Naval Architect

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Mechanical Maintenance Engineer and Technical Mechanical Naval, with more than 20 years of progressive experience in the oil and gas industry (Off Shore) and the shipping industry.

Extensive experience in Production / Operations and Maintenance :  Floating Storage Offloading Facilities (FSO).  Gas Lift Compressor Plant.  Merchant Ships (Naval Plants).


2014 Engineer in Mechanical Maintenance.

Polytechnic Institute "Santiago Mariño". Barcelona, Venezuela.

2005  Nautical titles: Head of Fishing Machines.

1997 University Technical Technician in Naval Mechanical Technology

University Institute of Technology of the Sea (I.U.T.E.MAR). La Salle Foundation

1989 Bachelor Technical Middle in "Electricity"

Summary of Work Experience 

 Mechanical Maintenance Engineer: Program and supervise the execution of preventive and corrective maintenance of the mechanical systems, installations and equipment associated with the hydrocarbons, gas and water storage and handling process, in order to meet the goals proposed in the program .

To direct and supervise the personnel in my charge, coordinating and participating in the application of administrative procedures. Inspection and supervision of equipment, tools, materials and facilities for the use of maintenance personnel, ensuring flexibility, quality, order, cleanliness and safety in the work environment. Responsible for the general maintenance of the installation and equipment as required. Provide support in on-site supervision for high-risk or complicated jobs. Participate as needed to assist subordinates in training new employees. Work with superiors in repair planning, modifications and offer technical advice on work. Complete all work in compliance with the Company Regulations, procedures and regulatory requirements. Perform preventive and routine maintenance on the premises.

Marine Technician: Operation and technical maintenance of naval plants (Off Shore), record operational data in order to diagnose predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance. Application of the methodology (Hands on the job). Maintenance and technical repairs of the static and dynamic equipment, installed in the following industries: (Gas Lift Plants) (Oil & Gas Off Shore), (Naval Plants / Ships). Knowledge of application of welding methods, tools.Training

Gas engine technology, Rotating equipment alignment, Infrared thermography, Maintenance analyst, Failure analysis and diagnostics, Gas turbine operation and maintenance, Compressor plant operating principles, Corrosion fundamentals and on-board maintenance, SAP Basic Module, Material Master Register (SAP), SAP Modules (Advisor, Order Executioner), Confined Space Safety, Accident Prevention, Hazardous Atmosphere Assessment, Work Permits System.Basic fire prevention, ). Excel Basic / Intermediate, Writing Technical Reports. English course (110 hours). OMI courses: Basics (4 modules), First aid sanitary 1.14, Advanced training fire fighting 2.03, Training for protection tasks and seafarers 3.26, Training and facilitation for protection 3.27, Familiarization tanker vessel 1.01.

Professional profile and skills.

  • Knowledge of the following dynamic and static equipment: Centrifugal pumps, multi-stage screw. Air compressors (Piston and screw). Heat exchangers, Condensers and evaporators. Generators of fresh water. Turbo generators (steam). Turgo cargo pumps crude (steam), Moto-generators and Moto-bombs contraincendios.Fan Cooler.Calderas aquatubulares. Plantas of sewage. Evaporators of bilge. Valves, flanges and pipes. Engines and compressors for gas combustion (Gas lift). Inert gas plant. Purifiers (fuel and oil). Air ejectors. Hygrometer generation plant (Marine growth prevention system). Cover seal. Scrubber. Etc.
  • Handling of the SAP Module tools. PM / MM
  • Familiarity with standards: ASME, API, JIS.
  • Knowledge of pressure vessel, atmospheric tank, filters, pump and other equipment acccording to API,ASTM,ASME and PDVSA ,codes. Pre-Commisioning and Commisioning Plants: Steam Boilers, Pumps, Cargo Oil Pump Tubine Steam, Steam Generator Turbine,
  • Proactive and dynamic with initiative in decision making and ability to assume challenges and commitments assuming responsibilities to obtain a position of challenges, where my skills, knowledge and potential can be used and developed to achieve the objectives of the organization, oriented Towards the formation and management of effective work teams.
  • Adapting quickly and effectively to the work environment with objectivity and strict order. With a high sense of responsibility, persistent and disciplined, with clear goals, values ​​and criteria of honesty and firmness.
  • Ensure the Permit to Work (PTW) system is adhered to and that all isolations to plant and machinery are in compliance with the Facility Isolation Philosophy.



Position: Mechanical Supervisor

Operational Maintenance Management

Date of entry August 15, 2007 to the current date

Address: Av. Intercomunal, CCMT Building, Floor Nº 2, Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui State.


Position: Marine Technician.

Date of admission: May 05, 2006 to August 15, 2007.

Address: Av. Intercomunal, CCMT Building, Floor Nº 2, Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui State


Position: Mechanical Technician I. Compressor Plants.

Date of entry: May 03, 2005 - May 05, 2006.

Address: Intercomunal Avenue, Hanover Building, 1 floor. The Tigre Anzoátegui State.


Position: Maintenance Mechanic.

Join Date: Mar 2007 Location: United States

Address: Av. Duarte Ferrys Terminal Building. Conferry. Cross port. Edo. Anzoátegui


Position: Mechanical Supervisor

Join Date: May 2005

Address: Sector 'José' Marine Platform of Shipment of Crude (T.A.E.J). Edo. Anzoátegui


Positions: Intern in the Machinery / Contractor department.

Join Date: Jul 2007 Location: United States

Address: Av. Duarte Ferry Terminal, Edif. Conferry. Cross port.


Cargo: Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance in Tugboats and Motor Boats.

Join Date: Feb 2005 Location: United States

Address: Marino Guaraguao Terminal Building, Piso 1, Puerto La Cruz, Edo. Anzoátegui. Tel. (0281) 2604811


Position: Trainee in the electrical department.

Join Date: Jul 2008

Address: Industrial Zone Matanzas, Puerto Ordaz. Bolivar state.



  • Karina Fuentes de Gómez

Tel: + 58 4162844153

Barcelona – Venezuela

  • Amarilis Salazar de Gómez

Tel: + 58 2856329416

Bolivar - Venezuela

  • Alex Fuentes

Tel: + 57 304 3769649

Bogota - Colombia

  • Ing° Juan Carlos Gómez Salazar

Tel: + 57 320 8947772

Bogota - Colombia

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