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Maritime Operations

Vessel Operations

INTRODUCTION: I was in the United States Navy for 4 years, on board the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON CVN-73  aircraft carrier. I held the rank of Gunners Mate 3 Class, and was stationed at Yokosuka Naval Base, which is part of the US 7 Fleet. I have been all over the Asian Pacific and it was an honor and a privilege of serving in the United Sates Navy.

OBJECTIVE: I am looking for a company that will be able to use all of my military training to the fullest. I have extensive small caliber weapons training, and proper use of force protection.

EXPERIENCE:  Whelan Security at Arrowhead Stadium                Mar 2013-Feb 2014

            My duties and responsibilities as a security supervisor for the NFL include but not limited to patrolling before, during and after every home game for the Kansas City Chiefs. Before every home game the stadium would go on a 48 hour lock down, I was put in charge of 10 security officers that were posted through-out the stadium. The officers duties were to make sure that all non-essential personnel without the proper credentials were not permitted access into the stadium at any time during the lock down. During the games I was in charge of Central Service Entrance. My duties were to make sure that all stadium employees had their credentials and also making sure that they did not bring anything that was considered prohibited by accordance to NFL regulations. During non-game days at Central Service my duties were to inspect and check in all shipments for the stadium.

G4S Secure Solutions                                                            MAR 201-AUG 2012

            My duties and responsibilities were patrolling and ensuring the safety of all property and employees of UMB Corporate Buildings in downtown Kansas City, MO. Patrolling at the top of every hour and making sure that all doors are secure in both of the buildings that were being patrolled. At the end of every patrol, all findings that are discovered while on patrol are reported in the Daily Activity Report. At the end of every shift all DAR’s are submitted to the shift supervisor, and all findings during said shift are passed down to the on-coming shift.

                        United Sates Naval Service

                        USS GEAORGE WASHINGTON CVN-73                     APR2008-OCT2011

            My duties onboard the USS George Washington while being assigned to Weapons Department, my duties while on duty in the ships armory where to inspect and take inventory of all small arms and ammunition in each of the 10 gun lockers. I was also assigned to a .50 cal machine gun as a Mount Capt. My duties as a Mount Cpt was to make sure that the weapon was secured at all times and constantly cleaned and sealed from the elements. Other duties were to make sure that all of the ammunition storages did not exceed 95 degrees due to malfunctioning rounds during a live fire exercise. During port visits while on duty I was assigned to the ship security personnel to conduct a 5 hour armed flight deck patrol. And make sure that there were no un-authorized vehicles or boats that would come close the ship.


Kansas City Commission Guard Card

3 Class Swim Qualification

Duty Armorer Qualification

9mm w/ Expert Honors

M14 Assult Rifle w/ Expert Honors

M4A1 Assult Rifle w/ Expert Honors

M16 Assult Rifle w/ Expert Honors

M16 W/203 Grenade launcher

Marc 19 Automatic Grenade Launcher

12 Gauge Shotgun

M240 Machine Gun

.50 Caliber Machine Gun

Overseas Ribbon x3

Sea Duty Ribbon x3

9mm Ribbon w/ Expert Honors Medal

M16 Ribbon w/ Expert Honors Medal

National Defense Service Ribbon and Medal

Global War on Terrorism Service Ribbon and Medal

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