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Project Engineering / Project Management

Head of Electrical Department Maritime                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ❖ Career Summary         
I have 16 years Worldwide Professional experience in Maritime shipbuilding ship Repairing & maintenance (Onshore & Offshore) in the field of Electronics and Electrical on different kind of vessels like FPSO-Bulk carriers-pipe laying Barge-Drilling & Jack up Rigs-PSV-MPSV-AHT and fast crew Boat. Excellent professional Skilled in diagnose the problem, Troubleshooting, faults finding and tracing all kind of Electronics and Electrical circuit, devices and systems of Marine Diesel Engines, Generators, Advanced Power Distribution switchboard system, Top Drive –SCR & VDF system, Drilling Instruments, auto drilling system, Direct propeller, pitch propeller, Bow thruster Z-Drive L-drive ,Reduction gear box and electropneumatics system. Worked on all Navigational and communication system. Electronic control Siemens PLC and Alan Bradley PLC system, System upgrading modification and Termination of all kind of electrical power control and automation system on board. Installation Commissioning and maintenance of different types of A.C & D.C power VFD -SCR and control circuits of oilfield drilling system. ❖ Academic Qualification ● Diploma of Associate Engineer (First Division) (1999 – 2002) (Electronics technology)  ● Master Electrician 2012  ● Diploma of computer Science (First division) (2002-2004)  ● Diploma of computer accountancy and commerce (First Division) (2004-2005)  ● Matriculation in science (first division)(1999) (math’s, physics, chemistry)  ❖ MARINE CERTIFICATES ● Advance DP4 Certify ETO 2013 Unlimited  ● Certified Rosshill SCR-VFD Technician 2012  ● Master Electrician 2012  ● Marine Electrician license 2006 Unlimited  ● Seaman Certificate of Identity 2012  ● Certificate of Discharge Seaman ETO  ● BOTC Certificate .Dubai and Africa  ● Advanced BOTC Offshore Rescue  ❖ Worldwide Experience  Bourbon Offshore  –Port Amadi Base (Onshore)  Working As an Head of Electrical Department (Onshore) 17-12-2009 to till now  Duties & job responsibilities:  Supervise monthly maintenance 6 month maintenance and annually Dry-dock of 70 different types of Vessels. Troubleshooting and Diagnose the Electrical and Electronics problem of Power generation Top drive SCR and VFD AC/DC motors Drilling Instruments. Replacing the parts & changing breakdown Equipment’s. Upgrade system for prevent breakdown. New installation and modification system as per complaints. Provide Technical support on 

offshore field Vessels. Maintain the overhauling parts and keep up to date Spare parts in our stocks. Breakdown and job done reporting ONNE Port Base: Worked as a Port chief Electrician of supply multipurpose and Liberty 100 & 200 series vessels 
❖ SEA TRUCKS GROUP- ONSHORE & OFFSHORE I worked as an Electrical Project Engineer on Upgrade new system and modification on 5 Pipe laying Barges and 10 supply Vessels. Advance Power distribution Switchboard system. Working with various  Controls, VFD,GE SCR, ROSS HILL .Troubleshooting VFD, GE SCR, ROSS HILL Control .Service and troubleshoot TOP DRIVE ❖ Goltens Co Ltd Dubai Brach –ship Repair Working as an ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN.  From 01-11-2008 to 03-11-2009  (VFD & SCR Electrical Technician)  Submersible .Jack up and platform Rig Diagnosed problem .Troubleshooting. Repairing and replacing Breakdown parts of Top Drive SCR .VFD and Drilling Instruments. Mud Pumps. Preventive and corrective maintenance. Support on operation to electrical and electronic systems (Rosshill SCR, MCC, and VFD) during SOILMEC G125 hydraulic drilling rigs. ❖ DRY DOCKS WORLD DUBAI, UAE Worked as an ELECTRICAL FOREMAN .28-08-2007 to 07-10-2008 I Have Worked on New Installation and commissioning at Conversion vessel-FPSO Knock Allan with Fred Olsen Company. FPSO Gimboa with Saipem-FPSO Fade with SBM, and world Largest ship Knock Navis. New Installation and commissioning of Top Drive SCR .VFD, Drilling Instruments. Mud Pumps and auto drilling system at Jack up & Platform Rigs and Conversion vessel-FPSO Knock Allan with Fred Olsen Company. FPSO Gimboa with Saipem -FPSO Fade with SBM and world Largest ship Knock Navis. ❖ QATAR OFFSHORE KNOCK NAVIS Norway tanker Vessel  New installation and commissioning of Diesel Generator with PMS for ten (10) months through The Goltens Company ❖ KUWAIT OFFSHORE KBR OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY-USA COMPANY  Kuwait Oil Refinery drilling ship in Electrical section as an ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN 23-08-2006 to 06-12-2006.  S C R/ V F D Controls fault find to component level. Electrical electronic equipment and hydraulic, Drilling Instruments, Mud Pump. Pneumatic control systems keep maintenance costs to a minimum. ABB VFD, Unico VFD and auto drilling system. 
❖ IRAQ INDUSTRIAL KBR- USA COMPANY. Cedar Electromak  Worked as an Electrical supervisor. 03-04-2005 to 14-05-2006  Power plants: Gas turbines, steam turbines, and diesel engines, up to 5 MW Manual and PMS through by PLC  Propulsion systems: Direct propeller, pitch propeller, reduction gear box; electric motor (synchronic variable) and Z drive  Generators: Brushes and static electronic excitation, gear coupled indirectly to main engines and directly to turboplants (3X440 V, 10,000 A, 3-5 MW)  Electronic Control: Siemens PLC, and Alan Bradley PLC and systems  Control systems: Electrical, electro-pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, and mechanical  Control systems, valves, including regulating valves, safety valves, controlling valves, cut off valves, and emergency valves  Pumps: Centrifugal steam, electric, diesel motor, and hydraulic powered for water, sludge, and fuel oil (horizontal and vertical, simple double and multiple stages), with capacities of up to 2,500 cubic meters per hour (660,500 

Gallons); positive displacement pumps, including reciprocating, screw, lobule, spiral, gear, pulse hydrant, and diaphragm, at pressures up to 300 kg/cm2 (4,266 PSI  PLC Programming, Level: Medium, Reinstall software and calibration automation  Systems, currently using  AutoCAD, Level: Good, create, changed and upgrade… currently using  Computer Operating Systems Skills:  Microsoft office. Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista and window 8, Technical program software’s. ❖ OIL & GAS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (Government of Pakistan Karachi)                Worked as an Electronics Foreman from 27-06-2002 to 15-02-2005  ● Marine Electronics equipment’s. RADAR, ARPA, SCADA, VHF, SONAR, A.I.S Satellite compass. Near and Sailor satellite communication. Saab Tank Radar. Steering, G.P.S. Gyro compass  ● Analyzing the physical parameters of Gas concentrations, water level, water conductivity, Gas/Liquid Flow, current, voltage using appropriate Transducers/Sensors and Transmitters  ● Understand electronic circuits, make printed circuit layouts. Knowledgeable in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition – SCADA – Allen Bradley, Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) - Siemens, SCR’s, Top Drive, Drilling Support Machineries, VFD’s – Rockwell USA, Caterpillar – Ross Hill Controls, Wartsila WECS  ● Calibration of Electro- pneumatic valves, Solenoid valves, Pressure sensors, through beam and reflector type sensors. Different types of Motor Drive Systems.  ● Testing and Erection of SMPS for the range of 1kW, 5kW, 12kW, 15kW. Rearranging and commissioning existing / new feeders 11kV, 33Kv  ● Excellent professional skill in troubleshooting and Diagnose the problem of all kind of Electrical and Electronics Generators, Marine engines, Bow thruster, ac & dc Motors. Pumps, High voltage switchboards. Electro pneumatics and Control system.  ● Troubleshooting and fault finding of P.L.C based control and automation DP4 systems. fire Alarm and Gas detection system  ❖ Personal Information 
Father Name  Chaudhary Amjad Hussain  Date of birth  10.12.1983  Nationality  Pakistani  Passport no  AG 1333803  Marital status  Married  Languages  English, Urdu, Arabic Basic French  Contact no  +923336383895/+2348056597142  Medical Status  Fit also with (yellow card) 
❖ Abilities  Excellent professional skilled in Operating Diagnose Troubleshooting and new installation of Advanced Power Distribution switchboard system .Top Drive SCR & VFD power control Panels .Drilling Instruments .Mud Pumps and auto drilling system .different types of A.C & D.C Motors and PLC, DCS, HMI, SCADA, PMS. Worldwide highly professional supervises skill in Electronics and Electrical of all advance Marine systems Marine Diesel Engines, Generators, Direct propeller, pitch propeller, Z drive .L Drive Bow thruster Reduction Gearbox and electropneumatic system .electrical power switchboards, control and automation system on board and automatic control circuits in Marine system .Good level of operating software and Diagnose problem of PLC-DCS-HMI and SCADA system. 

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